Advantages of Illinsky House

Become a part of your favorite city's history

Illinsky House Residential Complex is the embodiment of sophistication and nobility in the historical heart of Kiyv. A private harmonious living space that meets the highest demands. Centuries and eras are intertwined in the project - a rich historical heritage and a technological future.

Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский


Ilyinsky residential complex is located in Podil, in the historical and cultural heart of Kyiv. In addition to modern infrastructure, residents of the complex will be surrounded by the beauty of cultural and historical sites. And the view of the slopes of the Dnieper from the windows of the apartment will amuse with its aesthetics every day.


The Illinsky House residential complex provides underground parking, which can be accessed in a matter of minutes by elevator, bypassing the street. There are parking spaces with charging stations for owners of electric cars. Security, round-the-clock video surveillance, innovative technologies, and modern gas control systems - your car is completely safe!

Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский
Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский

Features of the project

In the respectable lobby, a professional concierge service will greet residents and will help in solving all pressing issues. A shopping gallery with the best boutiques and shops will be located on the ground floors of the complex. Also, commercial real estate is represented by office premises and an apart-hotel

Закрытая территория комплекса, системы охраны и видеонаблюдения обеспечат полную приватность жизни резидентов. А уютный тихий дворик с авторским ландшафтным дизайном станет прекрасным местом для отдыха.


Illinsky House residential complex is an example of reliability and grace. Two buildings in the style of modern classics are being built to the highest construction standards, using energy-efficient systems and natural materials. The cascading number of storeys, in addition to a spectacular visual component, provides excellent visibility. The complex organically complements the historical architecture of Podil

Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский
Жилой комплекс «Ильинский»
ул. Набережно-Крещатицкая, 21 02000 Киев
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