Кращi новобудови Києва Iллiнський

Become a part of your favorite city's history

Convenient location of the residental complex in the central part of the city allows to fully enjoy all the advantages of the developed urban infrastructure, easily get to any part of the city and enjoy picturesque views, cultural scenery and spirituality of the area. Illinsky House will be a residental complex of the entirely new level thanks to the combination of work of best architectural experts with broad possibilities of modern-day technologies.

Ilyinsky will become a residential complex of a qualitatively new level, due to the combination of the skills of the best specialists of architectural affairs with the wide possibilities of modern technologies.

Кращi новобудови Києва Iллiнський


Ilyinsky residential complex is located in Podil, in the historical and cultural heart of Kyiv. In addition to modern infrastructure, residents of the complex will be surrounded by the beauty of cultural and historical sites. And the view of the slopes of the Dnieper from the windows of the apartment will amuse with its aesthetics every day.


Illinsky Residential Complex features a two-level underground parking for the residents of the complex. Top-notch security systems, gas pollution control and convenient connection with the residential floors of the buildings will contribute to your comfort and sense of security.

Кращi новобудови Києва Iллiнський
Кращi новобудови Києва Iллiнський


Ilyinsky residential complex is built in the style of modern classics, taking into account the peculiarities of the neighboring buildings and their storeys, which makes it harmoniously integrated into the existing architectural ensemble of Podil. The use of advanced technologies and modern materials in construction will provide future residents of the complex comfort and safety.

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