Illinsky House is the embodiment of elegance and nobility in the historical heart of Kyiv. A private, harmonious living space that meets the highest standards. Centuries and eras intertwine in the project - rich historical heritage and technological future.

Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский


Surrounded by a halo of romance, Podil with its unique architecture, museums, theaters, conceptual restaurants and a modern business hub has become a home for creative intelligentsia, artists, entrepreneurs and students of famous educational institutions. Residents of Illinsky House will highly appreciate the developed infrastructure and proximity to the business center of the capital.

Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский


A two-level underground parking lot with 143 parking spaces, equipped with security and gas control systems, guarantees reliable storage of residents' vehicles. And chargers for recharging electric cars will significantly save time. Security, video surveillance, innovative technologies and modern gas control systems — the car is completely safe!

Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский

The originality of the project

Residents of the Illinsky House club house will be looked after by an experienced concierge service. A team of assistants will solve any questions 24/7. A boutique gallery of exquisite brands will be located on the first floors of the buildings. The commercial real estate segment will also be represented by office space and an apartment hotel. And the cozy patio in the courtyard will become a favorite place of rest for all residents of Illinsky House.

The closed territory of the complex, security and video surveillance systems will ensure complete privacy of the residents' lives. A cozy quiet courtyard with the author's landscape design will be a great place to relax.

Лучшие новостройки Киева Ильинский


Illinsky House is two houses in the neoclassical style, taking into account the peculiarities of the historical buildings of Podol. Innovative technologies and natural materials are used for its construction. The architecture of the complex emphasizes a careful attitude to the history of Podol. The decoration of the facades is dominated by natural stone, decorative brick and porcelain stoneware.

Біометрична система управління контролю доступом


The Illinsky House club house is an example of how security, privacy and comfort of residents should be arranged. The most modern security and monitoring system is being installed here. The innovativeness of the equipment, reliability and quality of its installation and operation will be ensured by the experienced contractor company VIDEOHOUSE.



The developer Alliance Novobud offers the best conditions for purchasing real estate. The client can use both 100% payment and installments from the developer. An up-to-date list of promotional offers and rescheduling options is available in the Terms of Purchase section of the site.

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