Purchase conditions in Illinsky House

Purchasing real estate in Kyiv is a profitable and the best investment. Choose a convenient way for you to buy real estate in Podil in the Illinsky House residential complex.


100% payment is the classical option of purchasing an apartment. Purchasing an apartment at the Illinsky House Residential Complex at the stage of construction will be one of the most beneficial solutions. The buyers can choose from a wide selection of plans, with a possibility to pick the view from their windows: the Dnipro, picturesque Kyiv hills or a view of the architectural legacy of Podil.


It is possible to purchase an apartment in Podil by installments on beneficial conditions. The minimum down payment is only 30% of the full price. Full payment – prior to commissioning of the building, from the moment of the purchase of the apartment.

Combination of high-quality construction with modern approach in architecture and breathtaking views from the windows of your future apartment make the purchase of the apartment not only a good, but also one of the most satisfying investments.

Location in the cultural and historical part of the city will certainly make the future living in one of the most beautiful and developed areas of Kyiv more enjoyable.

Construction of the Illinsky House Residential Complex is carried out in compliance with the standards of the current laws. You can examine all licenses and permits at the sales office.

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