What do you need to know when buying an apartment to make the process seamless and pleasant?

Only elaborate rational and considerate approach towards buying an apartment can guarantee positive result. You need to take time to thoroughly study and analyze the great amount of information in order to choose the right apartment that will make you happy for years to come. In this article we will look at how to buy an apartment from the developer, which actions to take and in which order, analyze the nuances and hidden pitfalls.


Buying an apartment: what do you need know? First and foremost – you should only consider new construction projects! Secondary market has long outlived itself and does not justify investment into it. Statistics only confirms this – primary real estate accounts for 75% in the residential property sphere.

Buying an apartment: what you need to take into consideration:

  • Price.
    The buyer always considers the price first and chooses an apartment, based on their budget. Payment by installments offered by the developer allows you to buy an apartment you like, even if you don’t have the full amount at once. Furthermore, purchasing property at the initial stage of construction guarantees the lowest price of a square meter.
  • Location.
    The location of the complex plays a very important role, as the time spent on getting to different places may take up a very large part of your personal time. Choose an apartment that is at some distance from the roads, but still in the immediate accessibility to major transport roads and subway stations. There must be a recreational zone for walks and relaxation near your building.
  • Infrastructure.
    One of the key criteria to take into consideration when buying an apartment is the proximity of social, educational, medical institutions, shopping and entertainment centers to the residential complex. Also, the developer should ensure own infrastructure – parking, developed internal territory, landscaping, secured territory and even a hall with the concierge service.
  • Quality of construction.
    Technologies and materials of the construction have a direct impact on convenience, safety and durability of your home. Monolithic frame method of construction is the most progressive one today. Application of energy efficient solutions will allow you to substantially reduce your utility bills, as the walls of the building will keep warmth in the cold time of the year. It is also important that natural certified materials and new engineering networks are used in construction.
  • Plans.
    Before buying an apartment in the new construction, you need to closely study all possible plan / layout solutions. A wide choice of offers, big light rooms, living space that can remodeled to your taste, and that can allow for any design solutions – the new construction must meet all these requirements. Apartments, for their majority, a commissioned without finishing, which is why planning should not limit your imagination, when you remodel. In addition, you need to take into consideration the specific floor you want, the side of the building and the view you want to have from your windows. The price of the apartment on the upper floors with beautiful panoramic views will be higher, but this investment is justified.


After you have chosen the apartment comes a stage of drafting and signing of the purchase and sale agreement. It is extremely important that your check history and reputation of the developer, collect data on the new construction and other property of the company, examine licenses and permits for the construction. All these procedures will eliminate the risk of dealing with a disreputable company.

The sales office must provide the following documents, confirming lawfulness of construction:

  • Construction license;
  • Construction permit;
  • Documents confirming ownership right to land, city planning conditions and restrictions;
  • Type of the designated purpose of the land plot – for construction of residential property;
  • Technical specification of connection of the residential complex to the engineering networks.

If all documents are in order and reliability of the developer raises no doubts, you can enter into the property purchase agreement and sign it.


We can review a specific example of how to choose an apartment in a new construction project. Illinsky Residential Complex is being built in the central part of Kyiv in compliance with all standards and provisions of the current laws of Ukraine. Unique location of the project in the historical area in Podil ensures potential investors immediate access to the best central infrastructure of Kyiv and vicinity to a great number of the most popular leisure places. Dnipro’s quay, Vozdvyzhenka, cozy town parks and streets of Podil, Kontraktova Square are all within walking distance from your building. Latest technologies of construction, natural materials and modern engineering solutions guarantee maximum life cycle of the buildings. Particularly noteworthy is the view from the windows – cascading number of stories ensures excellent visibility of the most picturesque parts of the capital.
Attractive prices for the residential property, possibility to purchase an apartment on installment basis with zero interest from the developer make the property even more attractive for the potential investors.
Illinsky Residential Complex is a new look at how a truly comfortable residence in the center of Kyiv should be. It is the new classics. It is the house that is waiting for you! Don’t limit yourself, choose the best!

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