A studio apartment – what is it? It is a popular trend or a necessity of modern life?

Big space that merges the kitchen, bedroom and living room certainly has its benefits.

What do you associate a studio apartment with? A bright open living space not restricted by walls and partitions. A possibility to create unique interior, zoning the rooms at your own discretion, re-planning the apartment to your own taste. What does a studio apartment mean? It is a creative modern approach to creating a functional cozy home with a customized design. It is no surprise that this type of apartments is becoming more popular with the buyers.

The design of a studio apartment was developed by modernist German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who had great influence on the formation and development of urban architecture of the 20th century. In Ukraine, the trend for studio apartments appeared in the early 2000s and since them, the interest towards this type of apartments has been continuously increasing.

Studio apartment – organizing the space correctly

Studio apartments are universal, as the open space allows to create numerous variants of zoning and planning of the living space. For a big family or young people, for children’s zone or big parties, for free space to a lot of furniture – the planning of the studio apartment allows for realization of the most daring decisions.

Modern, loft, high-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian style, classics, or, maybe, a mix of all styles? You won’t find a design that would be unsuitable for a studio.

It is difficult to list all benefits of a studio, but here are several main ones:

  • Effective organization of living space;
  • Functionality of space through zoning;
  • Maximum useful space due to absence of corridors and storerooms;
  • Lower price compared to classical plans;
  • Easy re-planning depending on the circumstances;
  • Possibility to use any interior solutions.

Original items that can hardly be used in apartments with traditional plans can help rationally organize space. Screens, shelves, partitions – the unusual details of the interior will not only help zonate the space, but also make it cozy and comfortable. Furthermore, using such solutions, you can easily change the layout of your space. Or you can opt not to have a lot of furniture in the rooms, because the less unnecessary furniture you have, the more feeling of freedom and space you get. Studio apartments visually look more spaces as the light penetrates through the windows more. In fact, if the ceilings are high enough, you can even zonate the studio vertically!

Studios are popular in all types of new residential projects. A small studio apartment can be found in the economy class projects. Full-fledged apartments with big space are, as a rule, available in elite residences.

Illinsky Residential Complex – choosing the studio reasonably

One of the best examples of what a studio apartment is and how it should ideally look like can be found at business class Illinsky Residential Complex.

All components of perfect elite residence are there – location in the historical center of Kyiv, monolithic reinforced concrete frame of the building with excellent thermal insulation properties, wide choice of apartment plans and big studios, inimitable view from the windows of the apartments to the hills of the Dnipro and old Podil. Beautiful sunrises and mesmerizing sunsets over the Dnipro will perfectly complement the design of a studio apartment in your new building. You must admit that not everybody can boast such benefits!

If you have any questions left as to how your ideal home will look like, call the sales office and our specialists will tell you about all conditions and possibilities of buying an apartment.

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