Kyiv is not just the capital of Ukraine; it is the cultural, historical, business and tourist center of our country.

It is also the city of opportunities – practically everybody dreams of living in the capital and many succeed in buying Kyiv property. Demand breeds supply; the city is developing and expanding quickly.

New construction projects in the center of Kyiv are traditionally in high demand among the buyers. Sophisticated architectural solutions, high quality materials, comprehensive approach to convenience of living, underground parking, secure internal territory – the new construction projects of Kyiv offer only the best!

Before buying a home, the investors are faced with the issue of location – how does one take into account all the nuances in order to make the right choice? Central districts offer many benefits compared to sleeping communities, let alone suburbs.

If you are to live in the capital, then it must be only in the city center! Let’s review all the benefits of an apartment in the center of Kyiv and details to be taken into consideration for making the right decision and choosing your ideal home in Kyiv.


First of all, when buying an apartment in the center of the capital, you need to think rationally. Modern new construction projects compete in conceptuality, comfort, original architectural solutions, and, naturally, high quality of residences. This means that everybody can choose a residential complex that fits perfectly with your preferences and rhythm of living – calm, low-key buildings in the historical center or innovative residential complexes in the busiest parts of the capital. Pechersk, Shevchenkivskiy, Podil districts – each of them has developed infrastructure and their unique features.
To live in a residential complex in the center of the capital is prestigious; it is a sign of status, beneficial elite environment that none of the neighboring districts can boast. The view from the windows deserves special mention – it is worth buying an apartment in the new construction in the center of Kyiv just for the sake of the beautiful panoramas of the city that never sleeps.
Wide choice of options of original plans with different size of the space allows to implement any designer solution and plan the rooms to your own taste. In the central new construction projects, in addition to apartments, you can also buy penthouses with own terraces on the roof. To buy real estate in the central districts is beneficial, as the apartments in the center never lose their value. The established opinion that apartments in the center of Kyiv are quite expensive is wrong, as the developers offer beneficial conditions of payment by installments.

Benefits of residences in the central district:

  • Wide choice will allow you to choose the most suitable option;
  • High quality of construction and engineering solutions with application of latest technologies, taking into consideration modern trends;
  • Maximum level of privacy and security;
  • Prestigious homes, particular elite environment;
  • Wide choice of unique plans;
  • Good capital investment.


Buying an apartment in the central district means valuing your time. Excellent developed infrastructure and good transport accessibility allow for planning your day to the minute. Proximity of the central subway stations is also an advantage. To buy an apartment in the center of Kyiv means to be in the center of events, to live a diverse, busy Kyiv life. It is an opportunity to enjoy all benefits of living in the capital, to have everything you need to a full life and rest. Next to your apartment building, there will be historical and cultural sites, best concert venues and clubs, numerous restaurants and cafes, elite educational institutions, modern shopping malls and business centers, salons and fitness clubs

Therefore, to buy an apartment in the new construction in the center of Kyiv means:

  • Close proximity to the capital’s main cultural, business, social, entertainment infrastructure of the capital;
  • Saving time for settling business and everyday issues;
  • Good transport logistics;
  • High level of personal convenience and comfort.


Illinsky Residential Complex stands out among the new construction projects, offering sale of apartments in the center of Kyiv. The unique project is located in the historical center in Podil. Residential complexes in the center of Kyiv, for their majority, cannot boast such location. The developer thoroughly chose the location for the complex – the territory around it is steeped in history and cultural legacy.

The windows of the new construction in the center of Kyiv offer magnificent views of the Dnipro River and green slopes of St. Volodymyr Hill. Podil has always attracted the connoisseurs of the beautiful and the new residential complex will become a worthy jewel of the territory of the ancient city. The project has a cascading number of stories, which provides excellent visibility and emphasizes the relief of the ancient district of Kyiv.

If you are considering buying an apartment in Kyiv, Podil, the center of culture and history of the capital will be your best choice! Call the Sales Office and the managers will help you select an apartment that will meet your personal requirements.

Illinsky Residential Complex is the home that is waiting for you!

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