Only recently, we could only read about energy efficient buildings in the futuristic novels of fantasy writers. Now, energy efficient solutions in construction of residential buildings is commonplace. Moreover, some of the standards have become mandatory in construction of new residential projects. Energy efficiency in construction is not only about environmental awareness, but also a necessity in conditions of growing prices for natural resources. Energy efficient technologies in heating supply is the most urgent issue, taking into account the gradual increase of the utility services rates. It all goes to show that in the future, energy efficiency will become the deciding factor for choosing a home. Energy efficient technologies in the construction of residential buildings are widely used in modern construction. The measures are aimed at improving the level of energy efficiency of the buildings. The use of modern energy efficient materials and constructions – mineral-based materials, quality thermal insulation, façade system with finishing or plasters, construction of own high performance boiler rooms. The final result largely depends on the qualification and level of the authors of the project and also quality of construction work.

Energy efficient technologies for an apartment Most frequently, energy consumption in an apartment is inefficient. Creating comfort, consumption of energy is extremely cost ineffective. Effective ways of saving energy are quite simple, allowing to save time and money at the same time. Energy efficient technologies for the residents include installation of ventilation systems with heat recovery, use of energy efficient glass units, modern door systems. Also, the use of energy efficient lamps, installation of water heater and heat meters can be added to the list.

The possibility of installation of Smart Home technology deserves a separate mention. Intellectual system will unite and control all instruments of life support in the apartment into one unit. Electricity, heating, water supply, alarm, video surveillance – you will be able to easily set modes and control everything using an app on your phone. All these measures aim to reduce consumption and use natural resources as rationally as possible.

Energy efficient technologies in Ukraine are being brought in line with European standards, which include:

  • Installation of solar panels;
  • Use of wind energy;
  • Installation of heat pumps;
  • Greening roofs to preserve heat.

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