Unprecedented Security and Privacy: State-of-the-Art Security and Monitoring System Installed at Illinsky House

The Illinsky House club building is not only a bright representative of modern and balanced construction in Podol district, but also an example of how the security, privacy and comfort of residents should be arranged. The state-of-the-art security and monitoring system are being installed here. The innovativeness of the equipment, reliability and quality of its installation and operation will be ensured by VIDEOHOUSE experienced contractor company.  

The Illinsky House security and monitoring system will consist of:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access control systems
  • Intercom system
  • Barriers/gates at parking lots, entrances and exits to the territory

The video surveillance system and access control systems are built on a platform developed specifically for the project. IP cameras with a resolution of 4 megapixels will be used for surveillance. They will be installed in elevator halls, elevator cabins, in the courtyard, parking lots and fire escapes.

The access control system will use U-Prox readers, which allow opening doors not only with traditional cards or key fobs, but also using the latest technologies — iOS and Android-based NFC, as well as iOS and Android-based BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

“Illinsky House will use authorisation via iPhone-based NFC, which is quite unique. No manufacturer in the world has ever provided this opportunity so far. Now they have invented a way to get authorised using bank cards added to Apple Wallet in the access control system. The technology does not allow finding out any information about the bank card, we cannot store any information about it, or even read its number. It is completely safe for the cardholder. If a resident wants to use another authorisation method, he or she will be able to do it via BLE using a mobile phone,” Iryna Mikhaliova, CMO Alliance Novobud, noted. 

The Akuvox intercom system at the central entrances will be able to receive calls from the panel directly to the phone, even if the resident is abroad. It will provide guest access using a one-time QR code or a PIN code, and will open the doors of the central entrances to the elevator halls after facial recognition. One-time guest codes can be generated in a special app and then easily sent to guests, house staff, etc. 

Entrances and exits to the territory of Illinsky House building will be equipped with barriers/gates. They will be opened with the help of long-range cards through the car’s windshield. If needed, the guard will be able to open gates/barriers remotely from the video surveillance operator workplace. Akuvox intercoms will be installed for access by couriers and delivery services.

“Modern technologies provide developers a lot of opportunities to ensure the safety, peace and convenience of residents when they are on the residential project territory. Today, it is not enough to simply create a building, no matter what prestigious area it is built in. Today, there is a demand for perfectly thought-out formats of residential complexes, which combine a quality construction component and a service component that will make the lives of residents safe and meaningful. And the Illinsky House club building in Podil district is just like that!”, Iryna Mikhaliova stressed. 

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